How to fix a tattoo mistake ?

It is very common in the practice of tattooing that one is led to carry out retouching or even recovery of a tattoo. Although one may think that a tattoo that drools is not necessarily due to a tattoo of poor quality, but more to the quality of the ink that has improved over the years.

Retouching after healing:

Tattooing is retouched when it is faded, affadiated, or when the filling becomes less black. These effects can occur during the healing phase or simply because of the aging of a tattoo.

Indeed, during the healing phase, the skin rejects more or less amount of ink injected, it varies according to the quality of the skin and the care that is given to his tattoo. This reaction alters more or less clearly the tattoo result.

If you find that your tattoo has cleared up just after the healing period, it will be enough for you to return to your tattooist so that he will re-inject you ink in the places that have taken the ink badly, that at least 1 month and a half after tattooing, reinjection is normally supported in the overall tattoo price.

Retouching an old tattoo:

However, for a tattoo that has faded or faded by time the price will be that of a complete tattoo or more expensive if you realize a recovery.

It is indeed common that the ink that tattoo artists used a few years ago tarnishes but since then, the inks used by tattoo artists are of much better quality and resist much better to the test of time.

Blurred lines and contours, faded colors, drooling or blurred designs, the old tattoo will be re-inked with new techniques and inks.

The tattoo can also be reinvented, transformed by adding patterns, other colors … according to your inspiration and technical possibilities.

The technique of recovery:

If you do not like your tattoo or if it has really aged badly we use the technique of recovery.

It is therefore to cover an old tattoo so we are limited in terms of pattern, size and colors obviously. You can also use a few tattoo removal sessions beforehand in order to have more possibilities for the creation of a new tattoo.

You will have to pay the price of the laser which is not supported by the social security as well as the price of a new complete tattoo.

So think carefully about choosing your new tattoo and learn about the technical skills of your tattoo artist.




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