What if your tattoo itches and gets infected?

After a tattoo, it is normal for your tattoo to be swollen and red and to feel hot, for the first two days after the tattoo. If these feelings continue, you must monitor and make an appointment with his doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of an infected tattoo

Several symptoms can warn you about the condition of your tattoo:

Persistent pains a few days after even without touching the tattoo,
continuous inflammation, if passed two to three days the inflammation continues it is possible that is due to an beginning of infection,
suppuration of yellow or green liquid, if you are at this stage, it is that your infection develops,
A bad smell,
Some redness some time later under the tattooed area,

If you experience some of these symptoms, you will need to make an appointment with your doctor to prescribe treatment appropriate to the degree of infection. The faster you do it, the sooner you will cure the infection and the fewer the consequences for your skin. To treat the infection an antibiotic cream will be prescribed, you must apply it in accordance with standards of hygiene and cleanliness that should not be taken lightly.

réaction allergique au tatouage
rallergic reaction to tattoo

Why can a tattoo get infected?

Several reasons can explain this:The care to be done after the tattoo has not been respected,

The tattoo parlor was not clean,
The tattoo artist was not properly trained or even not certified,
The equipment used was neither clean nor sterile,
The tattoo artist did not wear gloves,

Choosing the right tattoo artist and respecting post-tattoo care are the only things you need to consider to avoid problems with your tattoo.

Démangeaison et infection d'un tatouage
Itching and infection of a tattoo

Itchy tattoo?

The only cure for itching is patience. The itching is part of the healing process that is why it is absolutely not necessary to scratch. By scraping you will be able to drop the crust that forms and damage your tattoo.

tatouage au pied infecté
infected foot tattoo
Some tips

After your tattoo, you will have to respect some rules:Be serious and diligent about post-tattoo care,
Do not expose your tattoo to the sun for a while,
Do not swim in the pools or the sea,
Avoid rubbing with clothes,
Let your tattoo breathe in the open,
Do not remove skin that peels,
Do not scratch,

If all this is respected, you will have no worries with the healing of your tattoo.

Tattoo infecté
Infected tattoo

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