Erase a tattoo, how to do?

Removal of laser tattoo

If you are tired of your tattoos or want to have a new one, the solution is here. Technology has developed many techniques that can be easily removed. One of the best known methods is that of the laser. The laser is an easy technique with few side effects. The black tattoo ink is easily removed thanks to a high intensity laser beam that eliminates colored pigments in the skin. The other colors can also be eliminated thanks to the use of other lasers adapted to the colored pigments present.

Clearing a tattoo has now become a profession in its own right. Even though tattoos are often said to have a permanent effect, advances in technology now completely erase all tattoos. The old laser techniques still left traces, this is no longer the case today.

This process can be done by tattoo artists or doctors, but always be careful that the laser is very well positioned relative to the tattooed body and that the ray is manipulated with great precision to erase correctly and completely the tattoo.

résultat final du détatouage au laser
final result of laser tattoo removal

How does laser detaching work?

The laser is most commonly used to remove a tattoo. The laser will inject a pulse into the skin, which will cause the pigments to explode into small particles that will disappear completely after a few sessions. Some tattoo pigments are stronger than others such as yellow, green or fluorescent inks. Tattoo removal via laser is a safe, reliable, simple and effective means. Several sessions are necessary to completely remove the tattoo. Some side effects can be expected like the tingling sensation, which can be calmed by an anesthetic cream, or a lightening or darkening of the treated area. This effect will evaporate after a while.

Séance de détatouage au laser dans le dos
Laser tattoo removal session in the back

Different types of laser

There is a wide variety of lasers used to erase tattoos: the passive laser, the active laser, the Q-switched Ruby laser, the Q-switched Nd-Yad laser and the Q-switched Alexandrite laser.


The impact of the laser on the skin is not painless so that is why two hours before the start of treatment an anesthetist cream is applied to the area to reduce pain. For comparison, a tattoo to remove is much more painful than making the same tattoo.

Les effets d'une séance de détatouage
Detatouage process
The price

Laser prices vary depending on the center but also the size of the tattoo. The smaller it will be, the lower the price will be. Generally, for a tattoo of 1 to 5 cm the price will be about 50 or 60 euro minimum and for a tattoo of larger size (18 to 20 cm) the price will be between 150 and 195 euro minimum. A large budget is to be provided for a laser treatment, several sessions are expected to remove the entire tattoo, an average of 5 to 8 sessions. For colorful tattoos, more sessions will be needed.

Care after the laser

After the laser treatment, there are many instructions to follow: It must be careful to apply the healing or antibiotic ointment that has been prescribed, be careful not to wet the skin for 48 hours after tattoo removal and protect the area against the sun for at least 1 month.

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