Permanent makeup: tattooing or not ?

Permanent makeup has long been associated with coarse features as eyebrows, on the eyelid and below the eye and the contours of the lips. Today, we use the tattoo more to design permanent makeup but: permanent or semi-permanent makeup or dermo-pigmentation.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent make-up makes it possible to “make up” an area of ​​the skin, but for a long time. Contrary to its name, the permanent make-up will go away one day, at least it will disappear practically of your skin, although it can remain some traces. Generally it is estimated the duration of this type of makeup between 1 to 3 years. Like tattooing, permanent makeup is done through the insertion of needle into the skin that deposit pigments under it. Permanent makeup is the good alternative for women who want to correct some imperfections in their eyebrows and lips or simply wish to add a line of eyeliner, kohl under the eyes or add a grain of beauty on the face. A derivative of permanent makeup exists: semi-permanent makeup, which offers the same results as permanent makeup, only it lasts only a few weeks and is much less painful!

maquillage permanent des paupières
permanent makeup of the eyelids

The various services

Tattooing and aesthetics are sectors that are growing more and more, every year new techniques and trends are emerging. Permanent makeup is becoming more and more natural, which is why it is so famous. We can find many benefits among them, we frequently find:

  •  Permanent make-up of the lips it is a technique that involves injecting mineral pigments into the dermis of the lips with a very fine needle. Lip makeup redraws thin or asymmetrical lips, and give color to them,
  • Permanent makeup of the eyebrows; the eyebrows frame our face, this is what allows to harmonize our face is why it is very important to respect its natural eyebrow shape. The “tattoo” of the eyebrows is more and more rependu. It is always done using needles that will come to deposit under the skin pigments corresponding to your complexion and hair color,
  • Permanent make-up of the eyes if your dream is to have doe eyes it does for you. A fine needle will put color pigments in your eyelids to ensure an absolute eyeliner effect. It is also possible to do this under the eye, which will look like a line of black pencil or kohl depending on the thickness of the line,
  • Permanent makeup also allows you to create flies or moles on a part of your face.
maquillage permanent sourcils
permanent eyebrow makeup

Even if the permanent or semi-permanent makeup is not really considered as a tattoo literally, you should know that the post-permanent makeup rules remain the same as those of the post-tattoo: no sun, no water during the first days see weeks and do not scratch. Just like a tattoo, before making this type of make-up you must learn about your provider, its equipment and the pigments used.


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