The semi-permanent tattoo: a deception?

A semi-permanent tattoo: the right compromise?

Attractive by its name the semi-permanent tattoo, would be as its name suggests a tattoo that would disappear after a few years, five to seven years.

The irreversible effect of the tattoo repels you, you restrain, the semi – permanent tattoo would be the ideal compromise, the right solution to finally take the plunge!

The question that must first be asked is to know what differentiates the permanent tattoo from semi-permanent, and why choose it.

In fact, technically, little separates them and it seems that the temporary marking of semi-permanent is a decoy.

Firstly, since both of them use a needle that is pressed into the epidermis to inject ink, the injection would be deeper for the classic tattoo than for the semi-permanent tattoo for which we use a pen and not a dermograph.

Second: The ink used for the temporary marking is composed of highly diluted mineral and vegetable pigments that will fade over time and eventually disappear completely.

The semi-permanent tattoo: For what purpose?

But these differences are controversial among dermatologists and tattoo professionals. Used especially for aesthetic purposes, health professionals ensure that it is impossible to control the depth of the injection at this point, and that a tattoo only holds at a certain depth in the epidermis, the two techniques are therefore similar. As for the quality of the ink, even diluted it would prove that it can not disappear completely.

It should also be noted that the price for a semi-permanent tattoo is as prohibitive as a classic tattoo.

As a result, if you want to separate from your semi-permanent tattoo you will need to use the same laser as the permanent tattoo!

So be careful if you are tempted by the semi-permanent makeup increasingly popular in beauty salons because not only the gesture is not trivial, it is a tattoo, and the inking is likely to be irreversible…


In conclusion, if you do not want a tattoo for life …

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