Ephemeral tattoos: an alternative to semi-permanent?

Nowadays, the tattoo has become popular and even if getting a tattoo becomes very common the approach is not less innocuous.

The tattoo is irreversible, indelible or almost, and when you choose to get tattooed, it’s for life!

You find aesthetic tattoos and attractive but you do not want to wear them ad vitam aeternam so, opt for ephemeral tattoos.

From the life time to the style of inks used many alternatives are proposed and none of these methods use the injection of pigment under the dermis.


The different types of ephemeral tattoos

The Henna tattoo: it is a dye of vegetable origin obtained from dried leaves of a thorny shrub, the duration of life of the tattoo with henna is about 1 month, but the effect is not homogeneous and it can be allergenic.

tatouage henne
Tattoo henne

The tattoo with Australian ink:the merit of this ink is that it offers a wide choice of colors, tattooing commonly practiced in the actors, its lifespan is about 10 days.

tatouage encre australienne
tattoo australian ink

The ink tattoo of Jagua:

it is an ink extracted from the fruit of a tree of Latin America Genipa Americana of blue / black color. The dye appears by oxidation of the skin after a few hours. Very close to the color of a real tattoo, the effect is indisputable. In addition, simple to ask one can correct the drawing easily before the dye has taken. Its lifespan is 10 to 15 days.

tatouages Jagua 2
Jagua tattoo

So different ink application methods are possible stencil, tattoo stones or tattoo pad, or the more risky Freehand method but ideal for the creative ones!


This technique involves transposing on the skin a pattern drawn on a paper support for tattoo transfer. Predefined or customizable their lifespan is about 2 to 5 days. golden, silver, geometric, or ethnic tattoos.

Easy to install and remove oneself, they are hypoallergenic and therefore without risk of allergies.

Décalcomanie tatouage
Décalcomanie tatouage


Painless and inexpensive, ephemeral tattoos are the ideal solution for impulsive urges that do not engage your skin!







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