The bamboo tattoo: the concept

The bamboo tattoo also known as Sak Yant is made using a bamboo stem usually composed of 5 needles at the end. The number of needles may, however, differ depending on the size or type of tattoo desired.

Tatouage au bambou
Bamboo tattoo

What changes from the classic tattoo

Unlike traditional tattoo machines, bamboo can create thin lines with the needles that are arranged online. Due to its technical technique that can be linked to the technique of Dot Work, which is to gently tap the ink in the skin, the traditional tattoo bamboo is longer to achieve a classic tattoo.

The bamboo tattoo has shone with the many benefits it offers. It is less aggressive than a classic tattoo because it perforates the skin unlike the machine that tears the skin, which is more painful. A bamboo tattoo does not cause a crust formation, which allows a rapid healing that turns between 2 to 5 days. The “bamboo tattoo” is less restrictive than the classic tattoo for two reasons: it does not require retouching, the colors are kept incredibly well and it does not require special restrictions in the sun or water.


Tattoo du dos avec technique du bamboo
Back tattoo with bamboo technique

The popularity of “bamboo tattoo”

It is mainly in Asian countries that one finds the bamboo tattoo culture. In recent years her rib has greatly increased when the famous actress Angelina Jolie was tattooed in a Thai temple Wat Bang Phra, which offers the tattoo in a traditional way. Tourists have also contributed to the popularity of bamboo tattooing. Indeed many tourists who want to afford a bamboo tattoo to not only keep a memory of their trip but also to test this ancestral mystical experience.

tatouage de prières au bambou
tatouage de prières au bambou

Voir les tatouage bambou d’Angelina Jolie

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