What are Lady Gaga’s tattoos ?

Lady gaga tattoos

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, is an American singer and actress who since 2007 knows an incredible success. Lady Gaga addresses a series of tattoos with special meaning. She would have about twenty tattoo on her body.

Left side tattoos

Virtually all of her tattoos are made on the left side of her body, the reason for this choice is a promise made to her father that would have made him promise to “keep the madness on the left side”. On her left thigh, Lady Gaga has had a unicorn, her favorite mystical animal, tattooed with a ribbon on which is inscribed the name of her 3rd album “Born This Way”.

Lady gaga tatouage Rilke
Lady gaga tattoo Rilke

On his left arm, a large tattoo of a quote from the poet Rilke is engraved on his skin: “Look for the reason that basically commands you to write, examine if it spreads its roots to the deepest place of your heart Ask yourself at the quietest hour of your night: would you have to die if you were forbidden to write? Gaga is tattooed this quote to remember that writing is his gift and that she must write. She compares her gift of writing to breathing: writing is vital to her. Next to Rilke’s tattoo, a tattoo makes for her fans: “Little Monsters”, the nickname she gives them. You can test the tattoos of Lady Gaga with performances of ephemeral tattoos like that of Rilke or the one for her Little Monsters.

Lady gaga’s family firstnames

Between the lines of the quote, she tattooed the date of death of her aunt Joanne, 12.18.1974, died at only 19 years of illness. On her left wrist, Lady Gaga has been tattooed the sign of peace and love. Always on her left arm, the name Joanne which is her middle name as well as the name of her deceased aunt, whom she had not known but in whom she recognizes herself through her creativity. It’s also the name she gave to her new album.

Lady Gaga tattoo Joanne
Lady Gaga tattoo Joanne

Lady gaga and Love

Tattoos and Lady Gaga is a great love story, indeed, the star is tattooed with every event and opportunity that marked him. On the left side of her skull, she tattooed “Rio” after a concert in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro that particularly moved. The three letters of the tattoos have been drawn by three different fans of different ages from different neighborhoods. The letter “i” of Rio is made in the form of a cross, which is a reminder of the nickname of the city “Cidade de Deus”, “the City of God” in French. On his left shoulder, a heart had written “Dad”. The realization of her tattoo was a proof of love and support for her father, whom she was afraid to lose during an open heart surgery. Below her tattoo is a particular tattoo in common with 50 of those fans she had invited on stage. They were all survivors of rape or sexual assault. Lady Gaga tattooed this sign of survivor because she herself was a victim of rape when she was 19 years old.

Lady gaga tatouage coté gauche
Lady gaga left side tattoos

Tattoos left shoulder

On his left shoulder, we find the inscription “Tokyo love” tattoo done after a collaboration with a famous Japanese photographer Nabuyoshi Araki for the Vogue Magazine in Japan. On his left side a tribute, the portrait of David Bowie. As well as a floor key and tattoos of roses at the bottom of his back.

Lady gaga bras
Lady gaga arms

For love for her fans, Lady Gaga has tattooed the “Monster Paw” which is the sign she makes with her fans during her concerts. It symbolizes the loyalty, devotion and strength they all share together. Similarly, under her left armpit, she tattooed the nickname given her fans “Mother Monster”. Lady Gaga tattoos reminding everyone she loves, so you can see on her left elbow, a seamstress mouse tattoo with the inscription Nat underneath, which represents her sister Nathalie, designer of clothing, that their father called “Mouse” being younger. There is also a reference to the animated cartoon Cinderella, which she liked to watch together as she was younger. Above this tattoo, there is the tattoo “Haus” which is a tribute to a group collaborator and friend of Gaga who follow since his debut in the world of music and his career.

Lady gaga tattoo trompette
Lady gaga tattoo trumpet

Right side tattoos

By tattooing on the right side, Gaga “broke” the promise made to his father that he was not tattooed on the right side. She decided to tattoo a trumpet designed by her friend Tony Benett and his signature “Benedetto”, which symbolizes their friendship and their joint album “Cheek to Cheek” and the love that Gaga brings to Jazz.

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