Fairy Tattoos: Origin and Meanings

Popular among women, fairy tattoos are among the most popular tattoos in the world. Various evocations, fairy tattoos are often very worked and their colors may vary according to their desires.

The origin of the fairies

Fairies, magical beings from the legends of Western Europe and Germany were popularized by the tales of the Brothers Grimm.

The fairies have an ambivalent symbolism that alternates between benevolence and machiavelism, they are at the origins of fallen angels with supernatural powers that would enter into communication with humans.

Fallen angels, the fairies have supernatural powers and enter into communication with humans.

Mostly feminine fairies convey by their ambivalence many symbolic: grace and innocence, the spirit of nature, cunning, malice, lightness and frivolity.

The meaning of your fairy tattoo will vary depending on the reason (s) you choose to associate it with and the legends want it to be often associated with nature.


The meanings of fairy tattoos:

Here are some of the main representations that we encounter on fairy tattoos:

The bell fairy: the butterfly fairy:

It links the representation of both: the grace and freedom of the fairy, the rebirth conveyed by the symbol of the butterfly.

Gothic fairy

The Gothic fairy sometimes associated with skulls represents the loss of innocence and strength and power.

The evil fairy

Devilish fairies are evil and Machiavellian witches.

The weeping fairy:

The tattoos of fairy crying represents the wounded and weakened woman, the one who lost her powers, a loved one …

The Celtic Fairy:

It represents mysticism and spirituality from paganism.

The sitting fairy:

A fairy sitting on a mushroom or flower represents the connection with nature and pragmatism, a fairy on a cloud is a symbol of freedom.

The fairy and the flowers:

The fairy is very often associated with flowers, it is a very common theme used for fairy tattoos.

It represents youth, love, motherhood, purity and freedom.

The fairy and the dragon:

The association of the fairy and the dragon is the representation of the feminine and the masculine, the delicacy and the power, it is the yin and the yang, the balance of the forces.

Now it’s up to you to choose the fairy that will please you!



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