The calligraphic tattoo and lettering

Calligraphic tattooing or lettering is a trend that has the wind in its sails and whose techniques and aesthetics appear more and more sophisticated.

Many celebrities have calligraphic tattoos, Angélina Jolie, Asia Argento, Paris Jackson …

Origins of calligraphy:

Etymologically and from ancient Greek, calligraphy refers to “beautiful writing”.

All eastern and western civilizations who practice writing have developed an art of calligraphy.

Whether in Egypt or in the West with the monks who were copyists, the work of the calligraphers was to obtain a perfect execution of the line and the letter as a purely aesthetic quest.

But it is indeed China with its ideograms that has made calligraphy a major art where the art of the line is the foundation of the pictorial techniques, the line is more than a transcription of letter, it is a drawing in itself .

Meaning and aesthetics of calligraphic tattoo and lettering:

We all know the calligraphic tattoos typical of sailors or bad boys in the 50s who had as a simple subject the name of the beloved, or a word of claim or love: LOVE, HATE etc … tattooed in a basic writing font.

From now on, two calligraphic styles are distinguished: calligraphy or lettering, lettering being the tattooing of one or more intertwined letters, calligraphy being the inking of a sentence: several words or several digits in the form of a continuation.

tattoo spine Roman numerals

To each one his inscription: for the lettering one will see intertwined initials or Roman numerals signifying a fetish, symbolic figure …

For the choice of the sentences: a chorus or a sentence extracted from a song, a poem …

Beyond the symbolic and the meaning is also the aesthetics of the writing font that prevails: Gothic, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and beyond the traditional writing a multitude of new fonts of all kinds are proposed in the tattoo studios.

 Arabic calligraphy tattoo


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