The fiery Asia Argento and her tattoos

The very Rock’n’roll and sexy Asia Argento, artist touches everything, is about to become itself a living art object. Much of his body is covered with tattoos more and more phenomenal over time.

Since she has announced an end to her acting career nothing stops Asia Argento.

The calligraphy tattoos of Asia Argento:

n his neck is tattooed the number 23, reference to the book The Illuminatus! Trilogy of the American writer Robert Anton Wilson. A cross on his wrist, the name “Panos” in reference to an important character of his life, on the other wrist, the word “Saved”, inside his arms a star of David with integrated below “Verdade” (“truth”) – in tribute to the 14 members of his family who died in the Dachau camp.

More symbolic on the other hand, the tattoo that is found at its ribs: the name of Anna, in tribute to her deceased sister and her daughter Anna Lou, or this M crossed out in a circle tattooed on the ribs represents both the logo of the Ministry group and the Morgan of Morgan the stage name of his ex-companion and daddy of his daughter.

Symbolic tattoos:

At age 14, Asia Argento offered her first tatoo, one eye on her shoulder. A first piece for the least original but which suggests that the brunette is an observer, whose obsession with the look on the subject is an integral part of his vision as an artist. Two years later, she rose in rank and had two snakes wrapped around a low back sun (completed when she was 16 and she was running Trauma in Minneapolis)

Asia Argento Bas Dos
Asia Argento Low Back

On the lower abdomen, she sports an angel, between the abdominals and the pubis. This tattoo was freely inspired by a work by the surrealist painter Paul Delvaux to which she added wings. She opted for this location to hide it from her father, who does not appreciate this art, while doing so acts of rebellion.

Asia Argento Bas Ventre
Asia Argento Low Belly

In December 2014, Asia Argento had a staurogram (⳨) tattooed inside the wrist; Greek-Christian symbol composed of letters tau and rho.

Ornamental tattoos:

Asia Argento tattooed a cross on her back in June 2014, she is attached to the Victorian necklace tattooed at the top of the chest, made by Marco Manzo realized with the Dotwork technique.

Collier victorien
  Victorian necklace

In May 2015, the artist extended this tattoo of ornamental jewelry on his arms. He created a polka dot mandala pattern and placed rows of pearls on the shoulders to connect it to the Victorian necklace.

She also has on the hips and thighs two sumptuous psychedelic tattoos also made by Marco Manzo.

The drawing on her left hip is a group of Psychotria Viridis (Chacruna) berries surrounded by pink and purple shapes.
Tatouage psyche 2

Psyche tattoo 2ts right side is decorated with a pink banisteriopsis caapi flower surrounded by a spiral of triangles.

Tatouage psyché
 Psyche tattoo

n the back, Asia Argento has a tattoo “Mermaid Warrior”, it’s a shielded armor, with three lotus flowers, a heart down swirls and geometric patterns. The custom design was designed by Francesca Boni and tattooed by Marco Manzo in January 2016.

Asia Argento bouclier dos
    Asia Argento shield back unfinished art by @marcomanzotattoo @francescabonidesign

The last tattoo of Asia Argento is inside her left forearm, drawing a new flower, mixture of peony and chrysanthemum.

asia argento flower
asia argento flower


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