Cara Delevingne: the passion for tattoos

The former model, now an actress, is completely addicted to tattoos. Despite the warnings of her producers, who are trying to curb her adoration for tattoos, she continues to tattoo herself. According to her tattoo artist, her goal is to completely cover the body with tattoos …

Although she is constantly on the screen, the actress does not intend to stop her story with tattoos. Indeed, with each new appearance of Cara, it is not uncommon to notice new tattoos on a part of his body. The latest: eyes on the neck above his Sak Yant tattoo.

Tattoos dos Cara
Tattoos back Cara

The actress has many small tattoo such as “CDL”, her initials on the palm of his hands, or the name of his mother “Pandora” on his biceps, an elephant head on his right forearm, as well as a lion’s head on the index finger, a heart on the left little finger and a snake that goes from the wrist to the middle finger.

Cara delevingne
Cara delevingne elephant tattoo
Cara delevingue lion tattoo
Cara delevingue lion tattoo

f it goes without saying that some of her tattoos have an intimate and deep meaning, such as the tattoo “Pandora” which is a tribute to her mother, the other are much less … Indeed the actress was tattooed “Made in England” as well as “Bacon” on the soles of the feet. According to the actress, these are references to her country of origin she loves and bacon, food she loves. Cara Delevingne knows how to stand out from the crowd and she shows it again and again with her little star-shaped ear tattoos and a diamond-shaped tattoo. Although tattoos may jeopardize her career that would seem to be gone, the actress does not hear it that way and intends to surprise us with new tattoos that we can not wait to discover!

Cara delevingue et ses tattoos aux oreilles
Cara delevingue and her tattoos in her ears

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