The tattoos of the stars at the Cannes Film Festival

Luxury, rhinestones, sequins and tattoos

The Cannes Film Festival has always been an opportunity for celebrities to shine under the flash of photographers by wearing the clothes, jewelry and shoes of renowned luxury designers. This year, it is not only the exaggerated dresses or vertiginous heels that stand out, tattoos also have their share of lights. We can notice many stars proudly displaying their tattoos such as actresses Kristen Stewart, Michelle Rodriguez or Italian blogger and stylist Chiara Ferragni.

Celebrities and tattoo

Today, whether actors, singers or models, many celebrities are tattooed. Sign of belonging, passion for tattooing, headbutt, trend tracking or tattooing with or without meaning, the reasons and explanations of these can be varied. Some of these stars have opted for a discreet model and others have favored a model.

Tatouages de Kristen Stewart
Tattoos by Kristen Stewart

The tattoos of American actress Kristen Stewart are basically placed on her arms. Inside his right arm, a representation of the lamp present in the famous painting of the painter Picasso Guernica. Below, a tattooed arrow with the inscription “SWIM” showing the direction of the symbol of infinity.





Tatouage de Michelle Rodriguez
TMichelle Rodriguez’s tattoo

The tattoo of Michelle Rodriguez or Sak Yant on her shoulder blade is a spiritual tattoo supposed to be magical from Asian cultures. It represents his success in the many films where she played. This type of tattoo was popularized by Angélina Jolie a few years ago.






Tatouages de Chiara Ferragni aux bras
Tattoos Chiara Ferragni with arms

The Italian blogger and stylist Chiara Ferragni has a multitude of small tattoos. Many are on their hands. Among them we can find on his right arm an illustration of a lioness and a lion cub side by side. Below, we notice a small sentence where it is written “Ode alla Vita” which is the title of a poem by Pablo Neruda. Finally, on his left arm we can see a heart with a cross positioned above.





Les différents tatouages de Nabilla Benattia dans le dos
ttattoos of Nabilla Benattia

Nabilla Benattia, media personality, also addresses many tattoos, especially in the back and arms. In the neck, the young celebrity has a tattoo gun and then on the top of the back we can see the wings of angels with an aureole above. Then a small sized cross positioned at the bottom of the back. At the level of the arms one can see a Latin phrase “Amor Vincit Omnia” which means “love always triumphs” on left arm then on the right arm one the year “1937” which refers to the date of birth of his grand- mother.




Les tatouages d'Amber Heard
Amber Heard tattoos

Actress Amber Heard has two tattoos in the same places, the coast. His two tattoos are quotations from poems, one written in Spanish is by Pablo Neruda and the other written in Persian by poet Omar Khayyam.






Bella Hadid et son tatouage au bras gauche
Bella Hadid and her left arm tattoo

The model Bella Hadid also has some tattoos, which remain extremely discreet. One can see slightly one on the left arm which represents a small rose.

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