Demi Lovato’s tattoos

Singer and actress since a young age, Demi Lovato is a star personality with young people. The young singer is especially talking about her with all her tattoos. Half tattooed the word “Faith” on the arm, through this tattoo, she claims her faith in God. Demi Lovato has also tattooed a flight of birds accompanying her “faith” tattoo. On each wrist, there is an inscription, on one “Stay” and on the other “Strong”, tattoos that allow it to stay strong no matter what happens whatever the problems that arise. She also has a blue feather behind her ear.

Demi Lovato tattoo bras
Half Lovato arm tattoo

The singer also touches recently, a lion face on the top of the hand. Tattoo that has won unanimous support among its fans. She also again a reminder for her religion with a thick cross tattoo right next to the lion tattoo. And a tattoo in the shape of a common lip with her friends. On the fingers she also has some tattoo like a smiley, the phrase “rock’n’roll” and the sign of peace.

Demi Lovato Lion
Half Lovato Lion

Younger, having suffered from an eating disorder and self-mutilation, Demi Lovato has made some tattoos that remind her of where she went and how she came out stronger. Among these tattoos, there are some on her coast, and it’s a phrase “You Make me Beautiful” she made during her dark times of yore. According to her, this tattoo allows her to be beautiful every time she looks in a mirror. On the upper back, she engraved a sentence from her 4th album “Now I’m a Warrior”. Then, on its two feet one can read “Let go” on one and on the other “Let God”.

Tattoo dos de Demi Lovato
Tattoo back of Demi Lovato

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