Rihanna’s tattoos


Rihanna, an essential symbol of American music, but also actress, designer and model, is also a fan of tattoos. The original singer from Barbados, has a large tattoo on the henna style hand as well as several tattoos on the fingers of hands. One can also see a representation of Nefertiti on his ribs and the phrase “Freedom in God” written in Arabic.

Tatouage main rihanna
Tattoo hand rihanna
Rihanna et ses tatouages
Rihanna and her tattoos


Rihanna also discusses a Roman numeral tattoo on the collarbone, this date represents the birth date of her best friend, who also tattooed Rihanna’s date of birth. This tattoo represents their eternal friendship.

The reminders

Then, on her chest there is a sentence “Never a failure always a lesson” “never a failure always a lesson” in French that she got tattooed in 2009 following her assault by Chris Brown, her ex boyfriend. She also has a small cross in front of this sentence as a reminder of religion.

Rihanna Tattoo Shhh...
Rihanna Tattoo Shhh …


On the fingers, she also deals with small tattoos such as “Shhh …” or “love”. As well as a Celtic tattoo of cross in the inside of the wrist, with a feminine rendering.

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