Paris Jackson’s tattoos

The tattoo is about to become a culture, celebrities and celebrities are the first representatives. Paris Jackson, actress and model, daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, displays a multitude of tattoos. Most of them are tributes to people she loves.

paris jackson tatouages
Paris Jackson’s tattoos


Located mainly on the arms and the hands, each of them has a particular meaning. She decides to get a tattoo at the end of a dark period endured after the death of her father. His tattoos have healed and healed his scars and hatred.

Tattoo paris jackson
Paris Jackson’s tattoos

Among her many tattoos, one can distinguish at her chest the symbols of the 7 Chakras, a dragonfly on the left arm and the phrase “Queen of my heart”, which she got tattooed at the age of 18 in tribute to his father, as well as a wolf’s head on the wrist. Still on her left arm, she tattooed the name of her late grandmother Katherine Jackson in Mandarin. In the upper right arm, she has a snake tattoo wrapped around a sword with dragon wings, as well as a representation of a devilish rabbit on the right forearm.

Near the thumb, the word “BAD”, new tribute to his father in reference to his album “Bad” released in 1987 (see previous photo). Paris Jackson has a multitude of small tattoos arranged all over the body; from the ears, to the foot, through the arms and chest. Tattoos are for Paris Jackson a sort of therapy that tell the different periods of his life and allow him to consider himself a fighter when she looks in the mirror.

Les tatouages de Paris Jackson
The tattoos of Paris Jackson

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