Dotwork: a point-by-point technique

Literally the Dotwork is the work of the point, so it is a tattoo realized point by point.

It is therefore easy to understand that this technique is directly derived from traditional tattoo techniques of handpoke.

Indeed, a hand poked tattoo is a tattoo done without an electric machine, using a simple needle dipped in ink like Maori techniques and other traditional tattoos, the handpoke is a return to a more traditional tattoo.


Galerie Dotwork tatouage chat
Dotwork tattoo

Dotwork technique

The technique of Dotwork uses indiscriminately traditional or modern tools but we prefer the use of the dermograph, it is a traditional technique adapted to modern techniques.

This technique favors monochrome work; the black inking points, carefully aligned and more or less spaced apart, make it possible to illustrate shapes and volumes in a tone ranging from black to gray.

It is particularly popular with tattoo artists who make mandala style tattoos, geometric or Polynesian type of course.


Galerie de tatouage Dotwork et géométrique
 Dotwork and geometric

Note that Blackwork, found in Polynesian-style tattoos, is a technique of aligning ink dots tight enough that they become indistinguishable, forming only a volume or an entirely black line.

Blackwork tatto
Blackwork tatto


galerie de tatouage polynesien et maori

The Dotwork: a style or a technique?

he Dotwork is a technique above all, but it has a direct impact on the effect and style of the tattoo. A Dotwork tattoo is immediately identifiable by its unique treatment of the colors of the volumes and reliefs, close to the blackwork it frees itself from the desire of tattoo artists to play in favor of nuances and reliefs.

Galerie tatouage dotwork réaliste
Dotwork tattoo cat

Whether this technique is used for an Old School tattoo, geometric or realistic it does not remain months that it is a mode of pictorial expression in its own right.

Gaelerie tatouage Dot Work
Dot Work

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