The NewSchool tattoo

The tattoo NewSchool or Cartoon appeared during the 90s, its creation is attributed to Marcus Pacheco, tattoo artist from Brooklyn.

The origins and influences of the NewScool tattoo:

By recovering the obsolete themes of the OldSchool tattoo, this group of tattoo artists adapts to the codes of Street Art and OldSchool Tattoo Graffiti so it reinstates them with contemporary aesthetic codes, and creates a new singular and crazy trend in the art of tattooing, totally freed from all academicism.

Dealing with the characters with extravagant shapes and flashy colors, we find ourselves in the world of Cartoon.


The themes and aesthetics of the NewSchool tattoo:

Just like the OldSchool tattoo, the NewSchool tattoo has the worries of very elaborate contours and well circumscribed forms, but the proportions and the colors like the manga are totally unrealistic and outraged. NewSchool tattoos have the characteristic of being always very refined.

The favorite themes of the tattoo NewSchool, are those borrowed from the OldSchool, originally obsolete or blue flower they are then carried out under the filter of fantasy and humor: the Pin-up, the hearts, the roses, swallows will be treated with much more daring and freedom by associating them if possible with comic themes or fictitious characters of extravagant, fun and offbeat appearance.


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