Origin and meaning of Wolf tattoo

Wolt Tattoo, realistic and geometrical in dotwork

Feared and admired, the wolf has fascinated since the dawn of time. Subject of fantasies, it nourishes the imagination of the legends and myths of all civilizations, considered a demonic creature by Christianity since the Middle Ages, with the development of the myth of the Werewolf, it is also a Totem animal for the Amerindians, and the incarnation of light in China and Northern Europe.

An independent and rebellious animal, the meaning of the wolf for shamans is the end of a cycle and therefore renewal.

For the Indians of America, He is the mediator to the Hereafter, the one who accompanies men at death to the spiritual world.

Symbol of loyalty, self-giving and independence, an ambiguous complexity binds him to the man he is an animal of power, fierce, loyal and faithful. Terribly close to the man but rebellious and free, he fascinates him.

It symbolizes:

  • Freedom
  • Faithfulness
  • Spirituality
  • Intelligence
  • Instinct
  • Loneliness
  • Integrity

Wolf Tattoo, realistic and geometrical in dotwork
Tattoo indian woman

Beautiful and fascinating, the symbolism it generates makes the wolf a flagship tattoo theme. We find the beautiful head of Wolf tattooed on the quidam but also on many celebrities.



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