Sailors and pirates Tattoos symbols

Pirate tattoos

Pirate tattoos like those of sailors can include different strong symbols: Courage, Freedom, Unity, Travel, Bravery, Deception, Loyalty.
The most famous and most commonly used symbols for pirate tattoos are the skull or skeleton. The ship, boat wheel, parrot, compass and hat are also symbols used in pirate tattoos.

We also find in pirates tattoos, often the motives a boat 3 mats (in reference to pirate ships), sometimes young naked women.

Tattoos can represent a pirate character from a novel or movie, Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp for example.

Tatoo tête de mort
Tatoo tête de mort













Maritime tattoo

Sailors and pirates are tattooed because tattooing is considered a powerful protection against the natural elements and the danger that can represent the sea.

The sailors were thus tattooed on the weak parts of the body as on the heart and arms of the symbols of power.

The Marine anchor, a popular tattoo

The strongest, oldest and most popular tattoo for sailors is the sea anchor, symbol of firmness and strength, it also represents the attachment to the earth.This tattoo also has a religious connotation for sailors not did not wish to display their religion but to affirm their belief in God.

ancre marine
Marine anchor

The symbolism of the Swallow: a maritime tattoo

The swallow for sailors is a symbol of luck but also freedom, migration and return to land. We usually see two symmetrical swallows, this tattoo evokes the cycle, it evokes the eternal renewal with the return of spring. The belief was that if a sailor died at sea, birds tattooed on his body would carry his soul to paradise.


tatouage hirondelles
Tattoo swallows

Traditionally, the first tattooed swallow was made after more than 5,000 miles at sea and then a second swallow after reaching 10,000 nautical miles (18,520 kilometers).

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