Tribal tattoo or not?

The tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos are very popular for men as well as women. Indeed, both like to show their belonging to a group or a culture by tattooing their symbols on their bodies. Famous artists and TV stars are also partly responsible for this popularity: they are indeed many to display their tribal tattoo on the screens.
Among the tribal symbols found on tattoos, some are more and more fashionable like swords, flames, animals or spikes …

tatto tribal sur l'épaule
tribal tatto on the shoulder

The tribal tattoo symbol of identity

Tattooing has different meanings throughout the ages. In the Middle Ages, it was used to measure the importance of the person to whom one was addressed. Thus people could wear the tattoos showing their courage or rites they had passed. At that time, the best-known designs for tribal tattoos were those of the Maori and Polynesians who were worn by men and women alike.

The designs of the tattoos are different according to the cultures. Each culture has its own codes and tattoos each tell a story of their own, as for Tahitians and Maori. But we must recognize that these two cultures are among the only ones to have transmitted their design generation after generation, until today. The ease of circulation of information and images over the last century has finally popularized these designs that can be found under different names such as: Hawaiian, Polynesian, Tahitian, Polynesian tribal tattoo. A special feature is the African tribal tattoo that is made by making marks on the skin using cutting blades. It is therefore particularly painful but it is part of its meaning that represents the courage of the wearer.

tattoo tribal sur le bras
ttribal tattoo on the arm

How to make a tribal tattoo?

Many basic tribal tattoos designs exist and are easily made by a good tattoo artist. You can choose from many shapes and sizes that have so many meanings, but you can also choose to create your own original and unique tribal tattoo. It is quite common to mix a tribal tattoo design with another design, you can check our tribal tatto gallery to make your own idea. Do not hesitate to get advice from a tattoo artist, it is above all artists who can help you in the choice of your design.

The size and location of your tattoo are also important. You can make them big or small, and anywhere on the body. A few simple rules are to follow: a large tribal tattoo will take place more easily on the back or chest while the smallest will be made on the hands, wrists or feet. But most of those you will see, and here also where they are the prettiest, is on the arms and on the shoulders. In the end, make simple: just choose the location and design of your tribal tattoo, and let the artist who will tattoo.

Tattoo tribal samoan sur le dos
Samoan tribal tattoo on the back

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