Meanings of tattoo on the back

The back is the ideal location for large compositions, it offers indeed a large place for a tattoo and even if the tattoo is integral it will not be less quiet. It has the advantage indeed to be easily concealed under a garment.

Whether discreet or covering a whole part of the body, symbolic or purely aesthetic, every tattoo has a meaning. To be tattooed is a strong act, and its meaning is expressed both by the pattern and its size and by the chosen location.

The back is the shadow of consciousness, it is behind … It is also the largest smooth area of ​​the body, which has the advantage of being less exposed to the effects of aging skin. The back a privileged place to make an imposing tattoo. People who have tattoo on the back are often or more sensitive to the aesthetics of the tattoo in terms of its size or more able to transmit a message of sensuality depending on the chosen part …

The full tattoo of the back:

The back is technically the ideal body part for a tattoo.
It is the most expansive surface, the most flat and in general, the smoothest of our body.
The back is also the place of the body where the skin is the thickest.

The back is a part of the body much sought after by men who generally opt for a large and impressive tattoo, it is also a sign of power and virility.

tatouage dos integral japonais
japanese full back tattoo

IIt also means the wish to place behind one’s own fears.

Here are some beautiful examples of full tattoos, we note a predominance of Japanese tattoos.

If you do not dare the integral you can choose other areas of the back that can be tattooed: the shoulder, shoulder blade, ribs or spine, leaving to complete the entire area of ​​the back of tattoos as and as time goes by.

 Tattoo woman back neck

But it is the tattoo in the lower back that meets the greatest success in women.

The tattoo on the lower back.

The on the lower back is probably the place of the back most often chosen by women to achieve their tattoo.

tatouage bas dos femme
ttattoo low back woman

Very feminine, very sexy, it is very trendy and many women and celebrities like Angelina Jolie wear a tattoo in the lower back.

This is the ideal place for tribal tattoos, arabesques, following the symmetrical lines of the body tattoo highlights the arch that announces the buttocks.

tatouage dos femme
  woman’s tattoo lower back

The other advantage of tattooing on the lower back is that it has the advantage of being relatively invisible, it can be proudly sported or hidden depending on the mood or on the chosen garment.

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