Hand tattoo

With its popularization in recent years, tattooing continues to attract more and more people. Some people have less and less trouble getting tattooed in visible places such as the neck, face, arms, or hands. The hand tattoo is a trend, especially for men, although you can find a lot of women having, like Demi Lovato or Rihanna, it is still very masculine.

Tatouage main lion de Demi Lovato
Tattoo hand lion of Demi Lovato

Tattooing by hand requires much more attention, because indeed its healing and its duration in time is not the same as that of a tattoo on the shoulder for example. The hands are in constant contact with water, food, objects, textiles and this slows the process of healing because the movements play on it. In addition it is not easy to keep this area clean given the number of dirty surfaces it touches, such as public transport bars or the store doors where it is necessary to pull or push the door …

Tattoo main
Hand tattoo

This is why a hand tattoo will not heal in the same way and at the same rate as a tattoo from another part of the body. Moreover, in view of the constant contact with water or objects, the tattoo on the hands and especially on the fingers tends to rub off more easily and faster … Hence the need to retouch more often than usual .

Tatouage main roses
Hand roses tattoo

That is why before tattooing the hand or the fingers it is necessary to take into account that it is an area which will require rigorous and more thorough care and a particular attention, retouches after a few months and then retouching some years later. In addition, tattooing is one of the most painful tattoo because of the thinness of the skin so its proximity to the bones and the number of nerve endings it has. So is it really a good idea to tattoo your hands or fingers knowing that this is an area that causes a lot of pain and that will eventually fade and therefore require rework in the future? Judging you, however, it is still a trendy area in which you can make sublime tattoos!

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Tatouage main coloré
Tatouage main coloré

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